Hair: Black/White

Eyes: white, blind.

Clan: Luminatia

class: Pathfinder

Weapons: Magic w/ Martial Arts. Rapier. Dual Kamas. Iron Fan.

Gear: Leather hooded duster,black shirt, jackboots, black jeans, black gloves.

Race: Lupus Angeles.

Fighting style: The Way of Shade.

A.K.A: Death ( himself,) Mage of Shade ( himself.)

Traits: Master Traucer, Pathfinder, Calliki.


He has asthma and is alergic to peanuts.

He is aracnaphobic.

Before Baron Cole killed his eyes one of his eyes were colored blue, and the other brown.

He is decended from ancient chinese warriors.


Order of Anubis.

Tears of the Cross.

Moon Fir Clan


A Rune

Acuzio Nightjade's Rune

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